Drupal 8 is coming!

8 January 2014
Everywhere you look at the moment you see this announcement "Drupal 8 is coming!" but what does it mean for end-users and site owners?
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Drupal 7 logo

Upgrading to Drupal 7

30 September 2013
So you have a great website, written in Drupal 6 and it is working well. But you have heard that Drupal 7 is available, mature and stable. And now you are hearing about Drupal 8! Should you upgrade your Drupal 6 site?
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Vets Alliance Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design for clients

23 October 2012
With the rise of portable computing you need to be aware of your options for adapting your organisation to this new environment. Responsive Web Design is one of your best options. You may have heard of Responsive Web Design and only found more technical information on how developers can use it. But what does it mean for you as a client?
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Mobile apps

Mobile app development

2 July 2012
For some time Glo Digital has been developing websites that responsively adjust to work optimally on both mobile devices and desktop browsers. Now we're also developing mobile apps that work on iOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod), Android and Windows Mobile, using the content already on your website.
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Upgrade to cloud hosting

10 February 2012
From Wednesday 15 February 2012, Glo Digital makes its first offering of cloud computing by providing cloud-based hosting! This will provide our Premium Hosting customers with even greater reliability and better performance. To celebrate, we're increasing the allocations of storage space and bandwidth for all plans, free of charge.
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Understanding email accounts

15 July 2011
Even with email now such a big part of our lives, people still struggle with the basics of setting up an email account on their computer or mobile device. In this article I would like to run through some of the basics of setting up an email on a device. I'll also point you to some excellent resources which will help you setup your email systems correctly.
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Anti-spam facilities that come with your hosting

8 July 2011
Have you been wondering what anti-spam facilities are available with your email hosting? If you're hosting with us you can log in to cPanel and you will see SpamAssassin. This is a tool which scans all messages to your email address and analyses them for spam.
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