PHP upgrades and Drupal site compatibility

3 February 2014
PHP, the web programming language, has several versions and numerous hosting providers are currently phasing out PHP version 5.2. But will your Drupal website be compatible with the newer version of PHP?
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Entity Field Queries

23 January 2014
An overview of the power of Entity Field Queries while programming for Drupal and ways to extend this class for specific purposes.
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Drupal 8 is coming!

8 January 2014
Everywhere you look at the moment you see this announcement "Drupal 8 is coming!" but what does it mean for end-users and site owners?
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Drupal 7 logo

Upgrading to Drupal 7

30 September 2013
So you have a great website, written in Drupal 6 and it is working well. But you have heard that Drupal 7 is available, mature and stable. And now you are hearing about Drupal 8! Should you upgrade your Drupal 6 site?
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Drupal's multiple website capabilities

11 November 2011
Along with the many advanced features of Drupal one feature that sets Drupal apart from other content management systems is its ability to provide multiple integrated websites.
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What's new in Drupal 7?

6 January 2011
Drupal 7 has been in development for almost 3 years making it the longest Drupal release cycle we’ve ever seen. And thankfully it’s all been worth it, with Drupal 7 being the biggest Drupal release to date. So what’s new and what’s all the hype about?
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