Drupal 8 is coming!

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The mumurs about Drupal 8 have been around for some time amongst Drupal developers. Now they are starting to reach site owners. So what is it about Drupal 8 that makes it worth investing in an upgrade?

Drupal 8 has much better content authoring interface including inline editing - which will reduce content author frustrations. Click on the word and your editing options pop up!

Drupal 8 has become responsive out-of-the-box and will work with HTML 5 and CSS 3 - reducing costs and providing modern features easily

Drupal 8 has whole new look and feel to the admin area - making it easier to use.

Drupal 8 has 'mobile first' approach to installation, adminstration, usage - which creates a much nicer user experience.


Drupal 8 has greater multi-lingual support - allowing the translation of almost everything and much more...

Stay tuned over the next few months to learn more or visit the official page for Drupal 8

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