Glo Digital Wins Government IT Outsourcing Contract

  • Published by Mark
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Glo Digital is proud to announce that we have commenced a contract to supply the Queensland Department of Education, Training and Employment with ICT Support Services for the next two years, supporting the department's VET (Vocational Education and Training) systems.

This partnering arrangement is a prime example of the Newmann government's push to "drive costs lower, through effective partnering with non-government and industry providers", as outlined in the Queensland Government ICT Strategy 2013-17 by Minister for Science, Information Technology, Innovation and the Arts, Ian Walker.

Part of our value proposition is our ability to introduce innovative ideas and approaches with less administrative overhead, and our experience with modern technology delivery platforms such as the Drupal Content Management System, which we hope to leverage to the government's advantage during our tenure. These, too, are consistent with the government's ICT Strategy.

After commencing the project in November 2013, we have already demonstrated our ability to be agile by taking on some important initiatives. Personally I have found it rewarding and invigorating to be forging a new path taking on responsibilities that were previously managed in-house.

It's a situation that's not without its challenges, as we're one of the first organisations to be partnering with the Queensland Government in this way - working as an external organisation from within government. However I'm very keen to set a high benchmark, particularly as other federal and state government departments embark on similar partnership arrangements with the private sector.

In particular, we hope to:

  • leverage cloud-based services, both consuming them for increased operating efficiencies and provisioning them to enable more efficient exchange of information between government, business and the community; and
  • provide user-centric interfaces to government information and processes, putting greater focus on the customer.

I'll update you from time to time to let you know how were going.