Hosting upgrades 2014/15

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We're celebrating the new financial year by announcing quota upgrades to our shared hosting plans with no price increases. This is effective immediately. May your piggy bank be happy!

PlanDisk spaceBandwidthPremium hostingEconomy hosting

400 MB
500 MB

4 GB
5 GB
$199 p.a. $149 p.a.
DBSite1 800 MB
1,000 MB
8 GB
10 GB
$399 p.a. $249 p.a.
DBSite2 1,500 MB
2,000 MB
15 GB
20 GB
$599 p.a. $349 p.a.
DBSite3 3,000 MB
4,000 MB
30 GB
40 GB

$799 p.a.

$449 p.a.
DBSite4 5,000 MB
8,000 MB
50 GB
80 GB
$999 p.a. n/a
DBSite5 16,000 MB 160 GB $1199 p.a. n/a

Prices exclude GST.

The price of our DNS hosting remains the same:

DNS Hosting PlanNumber of domain namesCost
DNS 1 $149 p.a.
Enterprise DNS 32 $599 p.a.
Enterprise Plus DNS 64 $899 p.a.

What's the difference between Premium and Economy hosting?

Uptime Better than 99.9% Better than 99.9%
cPanel hosting control panel
View & manage your hosted files, subdomains, DNS, etc. Read more.
Yes Yes
Offsite backups
Daily & monthly backups, daily backups retained for 7 days, monthly backups for 7 months. *
Yes Yes
High power
Copes well with spikes of high demand.
Yes No

* Backup facilities are provided as a courtesy. Glo Digital is not responsible for loss of data. We also provide facilities to assist you to backup your own data.

Both Premium and Economy are quality, reliable hosting platforms. We ensure that websites we develop work correctly on both platforms. Getting us to host the website we develop for you makes a great deal of sense because there can be no blame shifting between website and hosting vendor if a problem occurs.

Which you choose ultimately comes down to budget. We recommend you choose Premium hosting, but if you need to save money, you can choose Economy hosting.

How do I tell what plan I'm on now?

Your plan name is listed in the left column when you log into your hosting control panel at

What's DNS hosting?

This is a service that hosts DNS (Domain Name System) records, which are required to map domain names to servers. You need DNS hosting to make websites and email work with your domain name.

You might want to use our DNS hosting if your website hosting doesn't provide DNS hosting (for example specialist Drupal hosting from Acquia and Pantheon), or to consolidate DNS hosting for all your domain names in one place.

Like to sign up or change plans?

We'll be providing automated facilities to sign up and change plans soon. In the meantime, please contact us if you would like to change plans or you have any questions.

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