PHP upgrades and Drupal site compatibility

We have recently been approached by numerous Drupal website owners needing help to understand if their websites are going to continue to work when their existing hosting provider upgrades from PHP version 5.2, which has been unsupported by its creators for several years now.

What is PHP?

PHP is an open-source web programming language that is used extensively for web development due to its general-purpose nature and its ability to be embedded into HTML. And, as with any programming language, there are several different versions running which, as they become older, become suseptible to security flaws. Drupal sites are written in the PHP programming language.

PHP compatible?

If your Drupal site is not compatible with the latest version of PHP that your hosting provider is now/planning on using your site will remain available. It will just mean that certain features of your site are not working correctly. 

The most common issues experienced with outdated versions of PHP are plug-ins for 3rd party sites and features. Or it could become evident as the site's theme (design) elements, don't work as expected.

If this is the case you should contact your developer for assistance. Alternatively contact us and we can help you establish the best way forward for you and your website.

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