Why Do You Need Responsive Web Design?

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With more and more people accessing the web with smartphones and tablets like the iPad, the ability to provide a good experience, no matter what device your site visitors are using, is becoming increasingly important.

Responsive Web design is an approach that enables your website to automatically resize and rearrange its content to be usable on devices with different sizes and capabilities. The advantage of this is that you only need to have one site, with different elements that can respond to work best when viewed on different devices.

Phones in particular have relatively small screens, and can often also have a lower speed Internet connection. On the small screen, a website can be more challenging to see and navigate, and may be difficult to use with touch and gestures if it has only been designed for a computer and mouse. Larger images can potentially “break” the layout of the site and can also make it very slow to load.

Using Responsive Web design, your site can be made to work with the range of mobile devices that visitors are using.

How does it work?

At the design stage, your site is developed with multiple graphics of different sizes - and multiple layouts. This is best illustrated with an example.

Below is the Glo Digital website as it appears on a typical computer screen. It has a large carousel image at the top with three panels underneath outlining aspects of our business.

Image of Glo Digital website on a computer sized screen

When this is viewed on a smaller device, like a tablet, a smaller carousel is utilised (to speed loading times) and the panels inderneath are now in two columns - to better fit the screen size and aspect ratio.

Image of Glo Digital website on a tablet sized screen

Finally, when we get to a mobile phone, the layout changes dramtically. A totally different image carousel is implemented, incorporating the text and "read more" button in a simpler way for the small screen. Also, the menu at the top has now been changed to be "touch friendly".

Images of Glo Digital website on a phone sized screen

You can see how these changes happen by viewing the Glo Digital website on your own computer - if you make your browser window smaller the elements will rearrange automatically.

Responsive Web design is becoming an essential technique to ensure your visitors can access your site how and when they want to.

Contact us now to find out how to make your site responsive!

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