Open Source and IP – What’s the real story?

22 October 2013
Open Source software has become very popular in the past decade, for many good reasons. Sometimes, however, there is confusion about who owns the Intellectual Property (IP) when something is built on Open Source platforms.
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Drupal 7 logo

Upgrading to Drupal 7

30 September 2013
So you have a great website, written in Drupal 6 and it is working well. But you have heard that Drupal 7 is available, mature and stable. And now you are hearing about Drupal 8! Should you upgrade your Drupal 6 site?
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Robert Wood

New staff in 2013

19 September 2013
Glo Digital is growing and is proud to welcome on board Robert Wood in Client Engagement, Paul Henry as our new Project Manager and Ben O'Neal, our User Experience Designer.
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Glo Digital is moving

22 August 2013
To cater for our expanding team and be located more centrally for clients and staff alike, next month we're moving our head office to 137 Melbourne Street, South Brisbane.
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Mollom business logo

Suppressing Website Spam with Mollom

19 August 2013
SPAM, SPAM, SPAM, SPAM... You may like spam on toast, but if you're like me, you're certainly not interested in spending time dealing with the type of spam that infects the comments on your site's blog or in your site's forms submissions. Mollom is the answer.
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How to use LinkedIn for your business

16 July 2013
Are you wondering what LinkedIn is? How you could use it? The main purpose of LinkedIn for businesses is to establish business relationships and possible collaborations or partnerships.
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Keeping DrupalCon Awake and Responsive

Keeping DrupalCon Awake and Responsive

4 February 2013
The Glo Digital team heads to Sydney this week for the long awaited DrupalCon , the first time this global event has been held outside Europe and North America in its seven year history. And Mark will be at the Drupal Business Day on Wednesday February 6. Sydney is sure to be buzzing as business leaders and Drupal specialists explore the possibilities that adopting such a robust, Open Source...
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