Open House Adelaide


Open House Adelaide is a festival celebrating architecture in Adelaide. It is part of the bigger Open House Family and is presented by History SA on an annual basis. 

The problem

The festival only runs for a few days each year so the main focus of the site is the manage the event from registration, to pre-event, to event launch and then post event. This site also needs to share content with the other big festival that runs every May in Adelaidia - About Time

So, during a given year, the site needed to be able to display different content to encourage registration, then automatically switch on a given date to preview buildings that are part of the festival. During the festival visitors needed to be able to view whats on and leave feedback. Then after the event new details were needed to advise when registration will open for the next year.

Additionally, the site needs to archive the last year's events to make way for the new events and also take on a new colour/theme every year.