Vets Alliance


Vets Alliance is an alliance of veterinary clinics in Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia who joined together to share economies of scale in marketing, human resources and operational facilities. Including, significantly, website facilities.

The problem

The original sites we developed for Vets Alliance in 2006 started to look old, but more importantly, no longer fulfilled changed business needs. They did not work well on mobile devices without zooming and scrolling, so an interim solution was developed using a cloud-based mobile website conversion product - however these sites did not fulfil business needs either.

The solution

We redesigned and redeveloped the sites from scratch, applying our world-class methodology to meet the revised business objectives. We used responsive design to provide a seamless experience across mobile and desktop platforms. Using Drupal 7 eased the migration of content from the old Drupal 5 sites, although all content was reviewed anyway - we provided tools to help facilitate this. Like the old sites, the new sites share much content, easing the administration burden. These sites include, and