We support your digital presence

We are there for our clients over the long term, ensuring their websites run smoothly and are optimised for changing conditions and new opportunities. In other words, not only do we make sure it “just works”, we make sure it keeps on working.

Website Maintenance

Maintenance is vital for modern websites. They require ongoing monitoring, performance tuning, configuration updates and security patching. Our website maintenance options include

  • Site log monitoring - to detect issues early
  • Drupal security patch monitoring, implementation and testing - to eliminate security vunerabilities
  • Automated script monitoring - to detect technical errors quickly
  • Third-party API monitoring - to ensure features such as Twitter, Facebook, etc on your site remain compatible and functional
  • Continual browser assessments for forward compatibility - so that your site remains fully functional as new version of IE, Chrome, Safari are released
  • Maintenance of a test environment - providing you with a safe site to test and train on

We keep you informed of security patch testing requirements, sign-off requirements and work with you to ensure deployment to your live site causes minimal impact. 

We will inform, quote and wait for approval from you on any enhancements we feel are necessary for your site based on our monitoring. This provides you with piece of mind and control over your expenditure.

Have a problem?

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Ongoing Support

Our Support services are extensive. We provide guidance as needed, often helping our clients with website issues one minute and PowerPoint concerns the next. Our main focus however is on Drupal websites. Our support packages can be used to 

  • ask content author, Drupal admin and other website related questions
  • diagnose issues
  • remedy website or mobile app defects
  • add/alter content
  • implement website enhancements
  • and much more

You can choose between

  • pre-paid support contacts of 10, 20 and 40 hours - which are billed by the minute
  • ad-hoc support services - which are billed to the next half-hour


Once you have your digital presence established it needs to be available - whenever people want to use it. This means that your choice of hosting provider must provide your with the confidence your site will be stable and available as much as possible. We recommend the use of specialised Drupal platforms for our websites. These may be specialised Drupal cloud-based hosting providers, shared hosting solutions and even VPS and dedicated servers - our recommendation will be based on your needs and budget.

In providing hosting options to you we create

  • one point of call for your website and hosting queries - removing blame shifting
  • excellent up-time results - ensuring availability
  • faster issue resolution - removing the stress of managing your online presence

Our hosting options are only available for clients with Drupal websites that we maintain. They are not available to the general public.

Hosting Maintenance

Once you have your website and hosting under control you can leave it to us to cover the hosting maintenance. We will

  • Monitor your solution to ensure you maintain adequate disk space, bandwidth, CPU capacity, server capacity
  • Monitor Memcache, Apache, database servers and other services that operate under the hood of your website
  • Setup and monitor daily, weekly and monthly backups
  • Setup DNS hosting and redundant DNS delegation
  • Manage e-mail forwarding
  • and much more