What is Drupal?

An open platform for building websites, it powers some of the world's most popular and powerful websites such as:

Why Drupal

Flexible, open source and award winning

We love working with Drupal because we can offer endless design and development flexibility, while working with a well documented API.

You'll love it because it well help you to:

  • Organise, structure and re-use your content
  • Be creative with your content with video, text, blog, podcasts, polls, menu-handling, real-time statistics and optional revision control.
  • Have highly usable, interactive experiences that engage users and increase traffic
  • Administer your site, with neat, fine-grained options for user roles and permissions
  • Build and extend your site, with a range of modules that can be added as your needs change
  • Integrate your site with existing business software or web applications
  • Collaborate with your community through responsible social publishing which allows you to define permissions to create, view and publish content.
  • Connect your website to other sites and services across the web, using aggregation, feeds and search engine connection capabilities.
  • Be confident that your modules are being constantly maintained by the international Drupal community, ensuring continued functionality and security. Drupal has a dedicated team of security experts who deal with and responsibly release vulnerability disclosures. And because Drupal is used on government websites such as whitehouse.gov, pm.gov.au and nsw.gov.au, your website is protected by the same security available to government agencies.

Open source

Unlike proprietary software, which is closed and imposes restrictions Drupal is "open source" which means you get all the code that makes the software function. It is licensed under the General Public License (GPL).

In the long term this means that:

  • You don't have ongoing licensing fees
  • You can take your code elsewhere if you're not happy with us! 

It's award winning

Check out this up-to-date list of Drupal's many awards.


Why choose Glo Digital for Drupal?

Years of experience, hundreds of Drupal projects

  • We provide friendly service without IT jargon
  • We understand your business needs
  • We provide complete Internet solutions, including hosting advice, ongoing website support and email communications
  • We care about design as much as function, and we are experts in designing for Drupal
  • Long-term relationships with satisfied customers are important to us
  • We are a specialist Drupal developer who contributes to the international Drupal community 
  • We're experienced with configuring Drupal to work on multiple integrated websites
  • We develop custom Drupal modules

Can we help with your Drupal site?

Do you have a Drupal website? Would you like one? Provide us with a little information to get started and we’d love to start working with you. Enquire about Drupal services

Glo Digital Drupal services

Expert, quality services


Our management and staff largely come from technical backgrounds so our development capabilities have always been strong. We use Drupal's extensive array of contributed modules to satisfy functionality requirements where possible. This provides fast turnaround time at low cost. Where the exact functionality is not provided by Drupal, we'll either modify or extend something similar or code it from scratch.

Module development

We have contributed a number of modules to the Drupal community, and developed some special ones reserved for use by ourselves and our clients only. We keep in touch with latest modules releases, thereby providing support and feedback to the Drupal community, as well as ready advice for our clients about what is already available. If the module you need has not been developed yet we'd be keen to develop it for you! 

Engaging, responsive interface design

Starting with an understanding of your users' experience, our designers combine an awareness of Drupal's powerful user interface elements such as regions, blocks and menus, with responsive design principles which enable your site to work well and look great on different devices.


We create Drupal themes from our designs. We also have many clients who provide us with designs to theme. While we often have suggestions about how to make the design more consistent or more effective, we have not come across a design that we have not been able to theme. If it can be displayed using HTML, we can theme it for Drupal.


If you want to do some of your development in-house you can contract us to provide consulting services to be used as you choose, either on-site or remotely. As we are Drupal experts, your consulting time will be provided efficiently. 


We can evaluate your existing Drupal website and its effectiveness, from technical and strategic standpoints. We analyse how well it's put together and what needs attention, providing a comprehensive report.

Training & Documentation

We provide user training and documentation for our Drupal sites. For larger installations and organisations, we can provide training in stages and for multiple groups, or train-the-trainer Drupal training.

We can also provide:

  • Drupal development training
  • Technical documentation

Ongoing support

Hosting, support and maintenance

We offer a range of hosting options, including:

  • Dedicated or shared hosting on our servers
  • Hosting support, either on our servers or your own
  • an enterprise managed hosting solution through our partnership with Acquia

Support & maintenance

We offer Drupal website support packages offering user support, software updates and enhancements.